I loved this novel, set in 1920s Berlin - tales of various people's lives interwoven. The main character is 'The Landlady' herself who is based on Sally Bowles' landlady in 'Cabaret'. The book is hugely readable - I got through it in a day and comprises a series of interlinked episodes over a week - the point at which the currency devalues so much that the previously wealthy tenant of the 5 apartment flat decides to take in lodgers. Expect gay nightclubs, an allotment community, changing friendships, a myriad of love affairs and people prepared to do anything for a few (stable) dollars all amid the glamour of the Berlin of the period, beautifully described.

Sara Sheridan, author of 'Where are the Women? - A Guide to an Imagined Scotland'

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A great read! Finished it in two sittings, couldn't put it down.

Anita Manning, Antiques Expert and TV Presenter

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